Author: bRpsd
Skype: vegnox
Date: 8/5/2016

Navis Systems exploit will be released soon (=
Stay Tuned ;D

Full Records (CSV) :


olivetut	[email protected]	93202477	[email protected]	OMAN
shanvag	[email protected]	93215271	[email protected]	OMAN
islf1234	[email protected]	91-44-25251318	nav!s1234	INDIA
faisl006	[email protected]	23295118	faisl-006	OMAN
faisl006	[email protected]	23295118	fasl-006	OMAN
test	[email protected]	NULL	password/1	NULL
pbh005	[email protected]	NULL	pbh005.gct	NULL
valuefsd	[email protected]	NULL	creative4.1	PAKISTAN
src004	[email protected]	9.18237E+11	[email protected]	INDIA
tvsdgfs	[email protected]	9.14443E+11	[email protected]	INDIA
sgupta71	[email protected]	9.71501E+11	[email protected]	UAE
girish	[email protected]	9.17926E+11	[email protected]	INDIA
ranusha	[email protected]	96892800656	#GATA42RA	SULTANATE OF OMAN
nafalllc	[email protected]	24597628	nafalco;	OMAN
jrc	[email protected]	091-9894968243	trichy,123	NULL
nafalllc	[email protected]	95227799	nafaloman-	OMAN
ekke	[email protected]	NULL	@Wigboldus	THE NETHERLANDS
haidar	[email protected]	20124573932	EGYPT
wecjsi1	[email protected]	NULL	WECJSL1.	IRELAND
dsnhyd	[email protected]	9.14028E+11	rama-1964	INDIA
domel	[email protected]	23210966	deep#ocean	OMAN
almanalt	[email protected]	23295838	DATA010.	OMAN
nabil	[email protected]	96357931	1234567	OMAN
ar007	[email protected]	968-99831395	a.y.e.s.h.a	OMAN
tvvaidya	[email protected]	NULL	[email protected]	NULL
sunil	[email protected]	NULL	pdsuji96!	NULL
sadafali	[email protected]	92212426287	nadir143,	PAKISTAN
mulor789	[email protected]	NULL	rarchi1999!	NULL
ashraf	[email protected]	96232019497	ASHRAF2009!	JORDAN
15480	[email protected]	95767535	-500141	OMAN
fastco	[email protected]	 968 24 683 965	TEAMFASTCO!	NULL
xuxia	[email protected]	NULL	XU!312802	NULL
dattapk	[email protected]	9.19904E+11	[email protected]	INDIA
client	[email protected]	65530771	[email protected]	JORDAN
client	[email protected]	65530771	[email protected]	JORDAN
hbbcat	[email protected]	NULL	sawakin1948?	NULL
faisal	[email protected]	NULL	fai-998844	NULL
naveen	[email protected]	9723163029	ng$27461834	INDIA
rdger	[email protected]	55-53-3035-5656	rdger.123	BRAZIL
rdger	[email protected]	NULL	rdger....	NULL
sllops	[email protected]	23219299	[email protected]	OMAN
thiagop	[email protected]	NULL	thiago.p	NULL
thiagop	[email protected]	NULL	thiago.p	NULL
melody	[email protected]	NULL	melody.guo	NULL
euun	[email protected]	NULL	euuneuun.	NULL
euuneuun	[email protected]	NULL	1234567	NULL
d131313	[email protected]	NULL	[email protected]	NULL
d131313	[email protected]	NULL	[email protected]	NULL
vflogist	[email protected]	91 11 40553612	vflogistics!	INDIA
nikhils	[email protected]	96898547094	[email protected]	OMAN
tony	[email protected]	NULL	lucky-star	PAKISTAN
almanalt	[email protected]	23295838	amtt-ttt	SULTANATE OF OMAN
gags	[email protected]	92-21-000000	i,loveu,	PAKISTAN
mmsa	[email protected]	NULL	methanol.msa	NULL
mayuri	[email protected]	96787597	slmu,123	OMAN
ar	[email protected]	968-97065862	a+rayesha	OMAN
weiss	[email protected]	97143372340	rohliguae;	NULL
10288222	[email protected]	5743105200	martina18.	COLOMBIA
wayne	[email protected]	NULL	mosi1esti.	NULL
tmonagha	[email protected]	98091909	pica007!	OMAN
anjali	[email protected]	93358592	shajan**a	OMAN
vijaybs	[email protected]	9323192310	(vijay).	INDIA
arctic	[email protected]	9.11204E+11	ARCTIC-09-2007	INDIA
ams	[email protected]	92765430	password*	OMAN
bestsyst	[email protected]	NULL	$unset1977	NULL
lalit	[email protected]	93238095	mining-7	OMAN
mhanip	[email protected]	60133944000	mhariz123$	MALAYSIA
20583015	[email protected]	96168655	saif-96168671	OMAN
bestsyst	[email protected]	NULL	$unset1977	USA
islf	[email protected]	9.14425E+11	!SLF1234	INDIA
saqiaaja	[email protected]	9.23452E+11	saqi,zuni	PAKISTAN
sanket	[email protected]	9.19728E+11	sanju29*	INDIA
jonyjn	[email protected]	968 92838275	[email protected]	OMAN
kvismaur	[email protected]	7844847885	ABC.0522	91
dessert	[email protected]	9870006982	dessert&	india
pksiload	[email protected]	97148856872	pksitm-13	UAE
saharali	[email protected]	9.22135E+11	ali.hassan1986	PAKISTAN
asma	[email protected]	NULL	danzas**	NULL
subra	[email protected]	NULL	subra.63	NULL
786	[email protected]	213471112	password,	PAKISTAN
alexchn	[email protected]	NULL	navi60.2	NULL
344	[email protected]	9.66591E+11	rehman(198)	SAUDI ARABIA
testuser	[email protected]	NULL	[email protected]	NULL
hind840	[email protected]	NULL	%TGB5tgb	NULL
expojfk	[email protected]EIGHT.COM	NULL	expo123$	NULL
expojfk	[email protected]	NULL	expo123$	NULL
anbh	[email protected]	NULL	anbh?123456	NULL
ams	[email protected]	95916569	password***	OMAN
sreejith	[email protected]	99120063	SHARAF,LOG	OMAN
anne96	[email protected]	NULL	ilovegod.	NULL
rksingh	[email protected]	9.11245E+11	rksingh!rksingh	INDIA
admin1	[email protected]	123123	[email protected]#%^&*(&^%$#@asdmSI	ASF
luisa123	[email protected]	918601039	luisa.12	PORTUGAL
luisa123	[email protected]	918601039	luisa,.1	PORTUGAL
nncheran	[email protected]	96892825334	cheran82,	0MAN
75003	[email protected]	NULL	samasultan-90	NULL
alsharqi	[email protected]	NULL	al.sharqi	UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
raaj19	[email protected]	9.23212E+11	Yaghazi5.	PAKISTAN
shanvarg	[email protected]	NULL	[email protected]	OMAN
agss	[email protected]	95221213	.renjith	OMAN
jmbaxi	[email protected]	9.12261E+11	jmb-brokers	INDIA

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